Q: how does it work?
A: you will have an hour long time slot to take as many selfies in front of our 'instagrammable' installations as you can! we have more than 15 individual photo opportunities to help you get your content in for months!

Q: will there be a photographer at the experience?

A: no, there won't be an in-house photographer at the event.  the space is designed for you to get the best selfies on your phone or personal camera.

Q: can i hire the space for just me and my friends or for a company brand shoot?
A: yes! slide into our dms or email us at hello@contenthubcreative.com for availability

Q: is the experience suitable for children?
A: yes! all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by aN  adult.  adults are responsible for their children at all times.if you are not in front of the camera you don’t need a ticket,

Q: how early should I arrive?

A: please arrive around 5 minutes before your session.

Q: is the experience wheelchair accessible?

A: yes, you will be able to use the lifts at st davids centre and the experience itself is all on one level. for more information you can email us at hello@contenthubcreative.com